I am playing chess. A chat window pops up:

Friend (6:40:33 AM): hey
Friend (6:41:15 AM): you there?
Friend (6:41:42 AM): helllllooo

I think of replying "enda mayiru kathra?", but I pause. I minimize the chat window and continue my game.

Suresh (7:10:53 PM): Sorry, I wasn't around when you messaged me earlier.
Friend appears to be offline and will receive your messages after signing in.


Subhash said...

Do people chat now? I thought facebook/orkut was the in-thing. Are there good graakis in user-created yahoo rooms nowadays?

padma said...

well i came here to say a big thanks for aval appidithan movie.. but after coming here got carried away by your articles…
i listened to ur broadcast too
well lots more to say but as i have to really rush now i just say a big BRAVO,,,keep it up..
shall return soon and relish and discuss ur works ..
thanks a lot for the movie

Bharathram said...

Daii.. i hope it was not me .. lol

Suresh said...

subhash - yeah, people still use MSN/Yahoo/Gtalk etc., stuff that don't require a browser.
Yahoo stopped the 'private rooms' service a long time ago. Mostly because of the NAMBLA type rooms. It's been years since I entered a chat room, so I'm not sure about the graakis. But I'm sure some things are still the same.

Padma - Thanks, you're welcome. I'll be glad you read your other comments too.

Bharath - dei! unna solluvana. ni evalo rejent'ana fellow. Besides, when was the last you messaged me? Jan 2008? :P

Subhash said...

Where do you play chess? Please invite me there.

Suresh said...

Go here:
You need a non-generic email ID to create an account in their server (your university/work email should do).

You then download one of their interfaces (Babaschess is what I use, and I would recommend it too). You can take it over from there.

rathi said...


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