IPL: Mumbai Indians vs. Kings XI Punjab

Greg Chappell: Pathan to Uthappa. Uthappa swings, the ball hits the helmet. (Uthappa removes the helmet to adjust it.) Looks like the helmet has left its imprint on Uthappa's head...oh it's actually his haircut.


Subhash said...

hehe... I am watching only Sachin's matches. Good that he played for a long time today. The match was stupid and senseless, but exciting nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

Good blog. I also watched your you tube recipes. You must a learned cooking from your mom. I tried many recipes. It came out so good. Keep posting here and you tube also. Excellent job.


Suresh said...

Yeah, me too. I mean, I watch other matches on and off, but it's only Sachin's matches that I sit through for many of its overs. This one was really close and exciting, unlike most others.
I hate that good for nothing, big ass twerp Uthappa. Chappell took a dig at him even in the last match for trying to become some kind of show man. vetti payal.


It may be a surprise, but my mother never really, actively taught me anything. My initial days of cooking were those when my mom wasn't at home. Of course, I replicated what she would do and try to achieve a similar taste. Then on it's just expperimenting till you got a reasonably fixed recipe/taste.

I'll try to post more videos, indeed. Thanks for writing in. Cheers.

Pakkathu Veettu Paiyyan said...

Good sense of humor. I also heard him comment something about Uthappa's hairstyle in the previous match. Probably he is targeting Uthappa.

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