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Some right wing extremists used to comment that the US should bomb the Mecca on its most populous day and put an end to a big percentage of their foes. I know, it's the most barbaric thing to say. Only mindless drunk men can think of such things.

I don't drink or do drugs. But I still think the theatres screening Kuruvi should be hit with tomahawk missiles when they are 'houseful'.

PS. I cannot honestly say that my emotions will be different if either of them actually happened.


Anonymous said...

I might make you change your phone number for this post. Periya pilp nee. Silly, logically and ideologically twisted films are a suicide to watch in Tamil but not so in Telugu!
"Dude, you need to get laid!" ;)

(Don't you dare tear this comment apart now in an ego gratifying act. You're allowed to blush though.)

Prabhu S said...

I have been reading bad reviews for Kuruvi, but seriously, is it that pathetic?

Also, why the tag 'bad telugu movie'..

Sugmad Eshwar said...

Lol.. yeah dude anytime i will supply you missles.. You know something, dont care about other.. A hard rock suppoter is here for you from Singapore.

Dont worry if this guys dont die during kuruvi houseful, we always have Desavatharam and Kuselan.

Subhash said...

May I suggest a sneaky virus too for ones watching this shit online? And that includes you too, for whatever time you saw the movie. :-)

Suresh said...

Anon - seringa!

Prabhu - During my summer holidays (grades 4, 5, 6, etc) we would visit Andhra for about a month. We would rent Telugu movies every Saturday. Most of them would follow this theme: a villain raping/killing people in a village. The hero (who is usually the son of someone in the village) will come and save the village. Once it happened that the 3rd movie of that day happened to Chiranjeevi movie which followed the same theme. 10 minutes into the movie, Chiru comes in horse dressed like Zorro and nails some thug to a tree. In spite of being obsessed with "fights", all the kids stood up and went out to chase pigs or do something more interesting.

There were a lot of things common - scene by scene - between Kuruvi and the few dozen Telugu movies I saw during those days. Telugu movies themselves seem to have moved ahead, but this paradhesi Vijay is taking us back in time.

Eshwar - yeah, we have more movies waiting in line.

Subash - haha (*recalls the scene from Vedham Puthithu: Satyaraj gets imaginary slaps because he's stumped.*)
Saw the movie in about 15 minutes. I thought I'll just keep this my shameful little secret, but mudiyalaye pa, mudiyalaye!

Anonymous said...

dei, i don't drink or do drugs-aa ? its like saying i don't rape or study sociology.
red wine is good. if you can't stand the drink atleast do the drug - resveratrol tablet $4 per 100. you will live longer.

Anonymous said...

did u watch santosh subramaniam..nice movie

Suresh said...

anon1 - seringa

anon2 - I saw Bommarillu a few months ago. It was pretty bad, but I could still sit through it for almost an hour (in spite of ff'ing the songs and senti stuff). The Tamil version, on the other hand, could not have been worse. I think I would have puked all over even if I hadn't seen Bommarillu. Having watched the Telugu version, I realized how bad this guy Jayam Vijay is. I think Telugu has much better pool of young, lead actors than Tamil.

I wanted to make a blog post about it after watching Bommarillu and Happy days. It was about the benefit of being a viewer unable to follow nuances in a movie. Even though I understand Telugu reasonably well, I cannot quite differentiate a 'natural' Telugu accent from something put on. This effectively reduces the irritability that arises out cutesy nonsense we get to see in movies like Bommarillu. Then there's another blind spot: there is no subjective model with regard to how a Telugu family behaves. So you're a little more forgiving about things that you aren't used to seeing in a "Tamil family".

There's also the way people speak English. If they made Happy Days in Tamil, this aspect will definitely stick out like a sore thumb. In most Tamil movies the characters that are upscale cannot speak English any better than a "village school master". I really doubt they'll be able to cast similar people in Tamil (not that the actors in Telugu did an amazing job).

Subhash said...

Being a Telugu guy, I can understand the difference between a 'natural' telugu accent and a put on one. SIddharth was irritating in Bommarillu and so was Prakashraj and so was Genelia and all the people in the house. But it is commendable that the first two dubbed their own dialogues, although as someone who loves the language I hate them for it.

About Happy days, I didn't see it though it was talked about. But I have an idea of the directors style from his previous movies. He has a 'hyderabad'ish take on everything, even stretching it to NRI-Hyderabad'ish take. I hated his first two movies, which did well too. So decided to skip this one. The telugu that is being spoken in his movies is a mish-mash of Hindi-English-Telugu and thats how people in Hyderabad speak, I mean the upscale guys.

Did you watch 'Aithe'? It's one of the rare good movies to come out of Telugu. It also has some cute irritating moments, but it was good. It was also made in Tamil sometime back and called 'Naam', which was a bad imitation. This director then made another superb movie - with a botched up climax- called 'Anukokunda Oka Roju'.

Suresh said...

Happy Days was another bad movie that I was able to sit through (much better than Bommarillu, though). As you said, the movie had visible 'urban' feel to it. The lead guy had an obvious NRI accent ( tip of the tongue Telugu) that even I could figure . Even if one doubts it, his English gives it away.

I haven't seen the other two movies. But Naam, I thought, was heavily inspired by Suicide Kings. So Aithe is probably the first do the lift, then Naam and then the Hindi version (forgot the title; Sanjay Dutt plays the don).

Subhash said...

I think you'll like 'Anukokunda Oka Roju'. Both these films ('Aithe' and this) have good dialogues, written by Gangaraju Gunnam, a rare intelligent filmwriter in telugu who by himself is a good filmmaker too.

'Aithe' has flashes of 'Suicide kings' but the mood is completely different. 'Naam' was bad, especially Prakashraj. Pawan Malhotra, with his half-baked telugu did an excellent job in Aithe as the don.

Prabhu S said...

I was impressed with screenplay of 'Anukokunda Oka Roju'..climax could have been better.

Anonymous said...

datz y i run away 10 kms away for all of vijay's movies right from Madhura.

Such an useless ah he is

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