Montage: Dasvidaniya

This video is a montage to one of the best movies I saw in the year 2008, Dasvidaniya.

It was pretty hard to find a song that would present a complementing mood to a montage for this movie. Finding a song for such projects is the toughest, most time consuming part. But I'm more than happy with what I ended up with. It could not have been better, I think. People who have seen the movie may understand why.

Editing the video took over 6 hours for me. Others could have done it faster perhaps. Structuring a narrative within a montage is a tricky thing. You have to decide whether you want to go fully linear or fully random or quasi-linear? This video is quasi-linear. So all the time I spent thinking what a clip would mean at a certain point might not make any sense to others. What I have tried to make sure, though, is to go with the mood of the song as much as possible. After all, it is a montage.

I'm glad that I finished this project unlike my four or five others that are half or less done and kept in limbo for over a year. There are some minor editing errors that I have left out simply because I was tired of rendering 20 versions of the same song just to make little changes.


Anonymous said...

Simply amazing.

I saw the movie last week and I was completely taken over by its simplicity and vivid emotions. Your montage has contained it so well. The song is so addictive in itself. I would have seen the video at least ten times already.

Sudhir said...

It seems like a beautiful film and definitely eggs me to watch it. I don't think I can compliment your editing any better.

Anonymous said...

going by your review movie seems to be loosely based on Akira Kurusawa's Ikuru and maybe The bucket list as well


Suresh said...

Man! I just said a line about the movie, it's not a review. :))

But yeah, the movie's broader theme has resemblances with The Bucket List and a bit more closer with Ikiru.

Anonymous said...

sorry i read the review in wikipedia but came to know the movie through your blog. you should see Ikuru its pretty good . ben

Suresh said...

Ok, it's Ikiru and I've seen it.

Lakshmi said...

It is a well acted/ good character ensemble movie. Hindi/Tamil movies with the right cast is a rarity. Often it is caricatures that we come across not people who fit the role.

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