White men

Calling for groups to be treated as separate entities with differing motivations, he wrote that it was not a "simple binary struggle between moderates and extremists, or good and evil" and treating them as such was a mistake.
This is why the British are way better than Americans.


Anonymous said...

I disagree!

White americans are British anyway.. atleast most of them are!
(Or they could be Eurpoeans)

My point is british moved to North America, Australia, New Zealand, and set up colonies in Africa and Asia. By doing so, they decimated millions of indegenous people and their culture.

Maybe in some areas, the British may seem to be better than Americans: like a BBC documentary may be better than National Geographic one. A British movie may be better than Bollywood one.

But overall, the world would've been a lot better (maybe a little rough, but a lot better) without them, the Brits!

Anonymous said...

meant to type Hollywood instead of Bollywood.. in the previous comment.

Anonymous said...

Surely, Suresh is being sarcastic here, is he not?

Suresh said...


You seem to know a lot of things about the world. I think I have a lot to learn from you. Thanks for leaving your comment.

Anonymous said...

British are way better than Americans...ha ha

Read the full article if you get a chance.

Suresh said...


Your intelligence can only be matched by the first anon.

Anonymous said...

Suresh -


From the post link

Edward Davey, foreign affairs spokesman for the Lib Dems, said: "If the British foreign secretary had said this to President Bush many months, if not years ago, then it would have deserved some credit.

"Mimicking President-elect Obama's lines days before his inauguration does not show leadership."

The Scottish National Party leader at Westminster, Angus Robertson, accused Mr Miliband of hypocrisy: "This declaration by David Miliband and the Labour Party is rank hypocrisy. His government acted as a poodle to the Bush doctrine in Iraq and elsewhere.

British politicians are so better that they change the tune according to the US government policy!!

Even Deepak Chopra is singing the same tune of Obama, so what?

Hindsight is always better.

Suresh said...


I'm sorry, I changed my mind. Even the first anon cannot match your intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Miliband is a delusional fool. I don't know about the Brits. I haven't been there and their cricket team sucks.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry, I changed my mind. Even the first anon cannot match your intelligence.//

Tough job to do, when your head is stuck in your ass. And no one can match this post's intelligence.

Suresh said...


Your comprehension skills, as far as I've seen, are generally poor and that's why I avoid engaging with you. But because you're pushing it, I'll make an exception and try to show you what's going on here.

The post, the way I see it, can be read at least in two ways: 1. I'm being completely sarcastic (hence the title) or 2. At least now -- In spite of everything the British have done so far -- the British have a foreign secretary who problematizes the notion of "war on terror" and how it has delegitimized all fights against a 'recognized' state. Ex: The actors in the Israel-Palestine issue and who's consistently identified as the terrorist (if you have a pro-Israeli stance as well, I'm not interested in talking about it with you). And delineates it further by stating, "[t]errorism is a deadly tactic, not an institution or an ideology." Something even Obama hasn't done so far. Siding with Obama and getting into the nuances of an ideology which supersedes Bush are not the same.

Anyway, you could have gathered I was being sarcastic from my first reply to anon (at least after my first reply to you).

But you refuse to do any of it and cite me the opposition party spokesperson to make your stance (and talk about hindsight and what not).

You can take this space one more time to say whatever you want, but my replies stop here.

Anonymous said...


I had no intention to argue with you Suresh. I realized this post was sarcasm after your second comment on my intelligence. But I still went and pushed your wrong buttons ;)

The evidence or the hint of sarcasm is actually defeated with the label American idiots which should have been British idiots.

White men go together, so the title doesn't really fit into the conventional sarcasm or for that matter all the commentators here mistakenly identified this post as an endorsement to Milliband's views.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say that it's not politically correct to say that Britain is just the same as America. The vast majority of Americans say that they have German, Irish, or Italian ancestry. But never English. England is an enemy to the US. Having English ancestry in the US is to be predjudiced against. I ask you then to be more aware of the world around you and don't assume what you don't know.

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