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Face the Nation: Does India feel Tibet is no longer a cause worth fighting for?

On the panel of experts (our emphasis) to debate the issue were former president of the Samta Party and sympathizer of the Free Tibet Movement Jaya Jaitly, member of Free Tibet Movement Dawa Lokyitsang and Congress Spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi.

After some usual exchange of stupid ideas, it was time to witness a spectacle. Singhvi asked the anchor before launching his rhetoric, "[d]id the 'Tienanmen Square incident' take place in 1999?", for which she promptly replied, "yes". Having "confirmed" that "fact", he went on, "what did the NDA do when the Chinese government was killing all those people? naan ketkiren....". (Of course, I'm quoting roughly what he said.)

Why should one worry when we have such "experts" among us?


Subhash said...

Adhu seri should also be numbered, like your VETTI posts.

Suresh said...

I thought about it too, will number if its frequency increases.

Subhash said...

I don't know who this Singhvi is, but is it true that most of our national politicians don't have a degree?

Sad state. On top of that they come to these interviews like they come to tea kadai to chat.

Suresh said...

I think it is more true with those from the North (from BIMARU states).

It's not just the politicians, though. The programs themselves are structured worse than a tea kadai chat (at least people get to talk in length and bring out extensive details, though redundant at times, to the "discussion").

Anonymous said...

hi suresh...i am a big fan of your podcast...please do some podcast (in tamil)....:)

Anonymous said...

i was just looking through your profile and I saw this

"The first time you had your shoes taken off - how surprised were you to see that you still had toes?

ennada mayiru kelvi idhu?"

ROFL! hilarious man, i read it with the tone you use in your roasts. great work, keep doing more.

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