In the match between India and Australia yesterday, there happened a fielding accident/incident involving Michael Clarke and Tendulkar. Basically, Clarke ran into Sachin and ended up dragging him down in the collision. Here's what Ravi Shastri had to say about it when they were showing it in the replay: "Clarke was going for the ball and ended up having something bigger in his hands". Just as he was saying that with a rather 'straight-faced tone', Clarke was seriously grappling with Sachin's buttocks in slow-motion. This is why cricket is worth watching with commentary on.


Subhash said...

Harbhajan did something similar and ended up in front of a match refree. a white man's world. huh.

Suresh said...

hahaha, I know.

It ended being a very exciting match. Would loved to watch Sachin hit another century, though. I don't if you read it: after the end of last finals there were quite a few comments that accused Sachin of being "selfish". They said, he scored a century because he had not scored one in Australia. It was one of those "sirikradha, alaradha theriyala" moments.

I wish Harbhajan does some "dirty talking" and rubs it on real good.

Subhash said...

Losers talk about Sachin. Who cares. He's lost his touch long back. I think 8 years. He can hit centuries and triple centuries, but nothing he can do to bring back the good memories of his heydays.

Something like Federer, he lost it in 2006, (I know you disagree). But he still gets those grandslams.

Funny thing is everyone wants to talk about his record batting second, when they have no idea of the strategy employed by the team. Sometimes he gets out trying to force the pace from the first ball. May be he's just sticking to a team plan. I hope he retires, so I can stop watching cricket.

Hawkeye said...


i lauve you. gampleetly agree with your 2nd comment.

Sudhir said...

[i]Funny thing is everyone wants to talk about his record batting second, when they have no idea of the strategy employed by the team.[/i]
Umm.. what could the strategy probably be? Asking him to get out early?
Come on. Everybody knows his record in the second innings doesn't even come close to his staggering record in the first.
That, in spite of my love for Sachin.

Sudhir said...

Though now that I've said that, I ought to add that I don't much care for statistics and that I don't much care even if his second innings average is under 10. As long as he is Sachin and as long as he plays the way he does.

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