I was mildly shocked to read that actor Raguvaran died. I think I feel bad about it.


Divya said...

Yeah.. can't believe it.. He was away from movies offlate.. but it is disappointing to know we don't have him around us anymore..

Pakkathu Veettu Paiyyan said...

He is one actor i guess who made us believe that villains can be calm and at times can think. Ratchagan not a good movie on the whole though impressed me for Raghuvaran's acting. Also he has done good character roles as well.

Suresh said...

I think he's one of the few actors who had added a certain class to his characters. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the Tamil industry forced him into a stereotypical mould (with 'unnatural' idiosyncrasies). In spite of all that, he's done some really decent roles.

suresh said...

really a good actor .. hope so film industry and the fans will miss him ...

In Want of Being Me said...

I had the same exact reaction, when, I read it about it on a blog.

I think, I felt bad too. Consciously or not, I think there was some attachment to Raghuvaran as an actor.

Impressive performances in movies like Anjali, Bhadshaa, Puriyadha Pudhir.

49 is just no age to die.

Anonymous said...

same da. i learnt abut it from bharath's blog. btw saw him on ktv 2 months back...he didn't look too good/healthy, slurred voice etc. He did quite well in RGV's first film Shiva.

Sandhya said...

Growing up in Trichy and then Madras, Raghuvaran was one of the few actors that I actually liked/stood out/thought was sexy. And I loved his deep voice!

I don't know what makes me sadder - the fact that he died or the fact that I'm so out of the desi Tamil loop that I just found out about it through your blog completely accidentally!

Btw, am a fan of your cooking videos - great stuff! As for rude comments on Youtube, dare i suggest that they're not worth getting mad about? The level of logical reasoning/smarts isn't at its highest in that space - after all, we go there for the videos, not the comments. Keep on with the recipe shows!

Suresh said...

'in want',

Yeah, he had a reasonably unpretentious personality. Answered questions directly (if we have to talk about his 'real life' interviews, that is). Seemed like a warm guy overall.


Yeah, annatha was huge on booze and smoke (he had been, for a long time). It had to take its toll someday.


Yeah, I found it accidentally too (I was at to view an old interview and saw this in the headlines).

Youtube: true, the comments aren't the most intelligent you'll find. But they give a shared sense of humour (or similar emotion) -- it's almost like watching it with an audience. It's been a long time since I posted anything new. Thanks, anyway. ;)

Prasad Venkataramana said...

Trying to strike a familiar chord: Raghuvaran is the Dhoni of Tamil cinema - he gets the job done, but is quite clumsy. Except for his performance in 'Anjali' one couldn't distinguish his roles.

anushka said...
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Anonymous said...

Suresh could you please tell me what Raghuvaran said about himself during interviews?Thank you!

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