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It was the summer holidays of the year 1993 and I used to listen to a comedy gig by 'Babu-Gopu' in a cassette player. It had a lot of actors (i.e. impersonated voices) put together in interesting scenarios. There was a very funny line that I can never forget.

Scenario: All the actors are gathered in TN assembly as elected representatives (on both ruling and opposition sides). The speaker starts the day with 'thamizh thaai vaazthu'.

Chorus: paandiyanin raajiyathil uiyyalaala (because, Rajini is the ruling party leader)
Kamal: idhuva thamizh thaai vazthu? (and sings angrily) oru vaai kozhupedutha...thamizachi paal kudichavan da!
Goundamani: yow! appa naanga mattum enna vellakarichi paalaya kudichu valandhom?

What reminded me of this? I was browsing through the 'headlines' and found that the Mumbai's IPL team has been named 'Mumbai Indians'. appo mathavan ellam Nepal'kaarana?


Subhash said...

What a crappy name! Seems like people with a very low self esteem are the ones having big money to spend out there. Sachin must immediately dissociate himself from this stupid team and IPL altogether.

Suresh said...

And we where thinking 'Chennai Super Kings' was the worst.

Anonymous said...

Ravi Shasthri once in a commentry said "Good cover drive through covers" he he

Anonymous said...

I think you are referring to Moorthi-Gopi, I have listened to it when I was a kid... this post brought back a lot of memories.. :-)


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