Vetti pride

Although I give rude replies to the comments that I get in my youtube 'channel' all the time, there are a few I don't 'approve' at all. To top it, I also send an annoying personal message to their inbox. And sometimes, I become so full of it that I post it someplace where I can look at it and go "cha, ennama think panraan?".


the mere fact that u have uploaded a clip on a public domain, allows all of us, 2 say whatever we want. and like what u yourself have said "dont tell me, what 2 say or like".
so practise what you preach Mr MGR! bet u r not married! mm why should we b surprised!!


About "freedom of expression":

Sure, it does allow us to say whatever we want. Only that I decide whether your nonsense will be posted in my channel. I'm not stopping your wimp-ass from uploading a video showing any part of you (or saying anything).

So there: your freedom of expression in my channel is under my control and I'm snipping it. Why? Because you are not worth it.
When you decide to make anything worthwhile in your channel and if I happen to comment on it, you may then want to reciprocate this arrogance. Until then, STFU. (And this is the last time I'm replying you.)

PS. This post may be a little contradictory to something that I might have said in the past, but what the hell?


Magdalene said...

Hi Suresh,

I really did not know how to leave a note for you so I just visited your blog and crossed my fingers and hope this goes well. I want to say you are absolutely wonderful. I just recently saw your videos on you tube (for gobi 65 ) , pretty cool ! You explain recipes great. I was also cracking up on your voice over for the gobi 65 and the munchurian ( Hope I got the spelling right) . Your voice rocks as well! Keep up the great work. I am from the US and your recipes help me a lot.

Subhash said...

This is the perfect vetti post.

Sudhir said...

-replying you
I could well be wrong. But shouldn't it be 'replying TO you'?
Nijamaave doubt.

Sudhir said...

That said, it's people like these that make reading You Tube comments so pleasurable. :D

Suresh said...

Hi Magdalene,

I'm sorry you had to step into my blog just when I had posted something really silly. I'm glad the recipes were fun to watch (I suppose). Thank you for writing in. Cheers.

Subhash - no maatru karuthu :p

Sudhir - I think they are both acceptable. Replace reply with answer. "hey, answer me!" or "I am answering you" etc., are (as you know) common, accepted forms. The same rules, I assume, will hold for reply.
I think you can follow the verb with the subject without a to in between. But if you are to use the verb to address an action, you may want to use 'to'. Ex: "replying to a complaint" or "replying to a post". (I don't know, I have used "I'll reply your post" etc., in the past.)
therila, I'm just guessing from what I've seen in emails from my profs and other reasonably reliable sources.

Anonymous said...

You might wanna learn to handle criticism dude! I cant handle it very well either but I try.. Ive been reading ur blog today and Gawd some of them were really funny! Keep up the good work any!! - ES

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