'Grotesque' obsession

BBC has made some of the best documentaries on art - music, dance, painting etc. 'How art made the world' is probably the most prominent among them. It's a multi-disciplinary composition that was broadcast as a five part series. The amount of research that has gone into making the kind of correlations that they make is stunning. It's available for download in torrent, and I strongly recommend that you do.

However, there is one segment - consisting a concrete analogical fact - that I have found extremely useful in discussing matters concerning racism, 'unreal body images' etc (to differentiate between socially constructed "instincts" and natural instincts) for quite sometime. I should have uploaded it much earlier.
That 'fact' might also explain the Tamil audience's obsession with 'plump' heroines like Kushbu and Jyothika. I think we, well, many of us, are still in close contact with our primaeval instincts, after all.


The Individualist said...

An absolutely enlightening video. Thanks a ton for that.

The Individualist said...

On second thoughts, if they were able to dig out any artefacts older than the ones shown, it'd shed more light on where that man came from, in the first place and also, on how old the skill dates back to, in addition to how he learnt the skill.

Suresh said...


As a matter of fact there are several artefacts, cave paintings, skeletal remains etc., that have been recovered by archeologists (and marine bilogists). And a great deal of theory already exists on how we and our civilizations evolved. By theories I mean those that have slight difference from one another. There are very few significant things about our past that still remain a mystery. You just need to look for it.
Ref 1
Ref 2

Ironically, there are many who "know" these things but wouldn't want to believe any of it. They are happy and "satisfied" with the "Earth is less than 10,000 years old" bullshit.

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