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I, like many of you, get a very bad headache when I can't run through lines - when I have to stop, pause and do some permutations to get the best possible meaning. I usually pretend like the message isn't posted in the thread at all. But when people address you directly you are forced to read it and that's when you complain. And how do they respond?
i dont care to take ur views... ur english seems pathetic and u in no position to kinda comment upon mine...and by da way if iam a teen i wud write dat kind of scraps only(this is with ref to ur other scrap) i aint an oldie like u

dont xpect me to write English as ur High school teachers thought u...spell check is a tool in MS word to chk da spellings as per dictionary here i aint writin no novel for my skool so i dont give a damn bout spellings..mayb u cant understand thats as i said ur prob...
ennada solreenga? enda indha maari ellam irukkeenga? ungalukkellam kai'la kusthama? illa oru varthaya mulusa adikradhu avalo kashtama? saniyan ungala pudichudha illa neenga saniyana pudicheengala? ungalukkellam porandha odane thaduppoosi potaangala illaya?


Priya said...

"saniyan ungala pudichudha illa neenga saniyana pudicheengala? "
-> Haha:) very funny! lol!

The Individualist said...

But well, really.. its upto every individual, isn't it? To be or not to be a stickler.
But believe me. I can't stand it too. 'Vaaila irukardha thuppitu pesu' nu sollanum pola thonum. :p
One small clarification though.
if iam a teen i wud write dat kind of scraps only(this is with ref to ur other scrap) i aint an oldie like u
Ippo nee 'teen' nu solraanaa, illa 'oldie' nu solranaa? :-s

Suresh said...

illa sudhir, it's all too confusing. Too many double negatives. Consistent spelling mistakes (taught'ku thought).

yeah, enna dhan kela boltu'ngran (I said "why are you typing like a high-shool teen?")

The Individualist said...

Yeah, that reminds me about another irritating decadence in modern-day language. The wrong usage of double negatives. Esecially when people try to sound urban and hep.
I ain't saying nothing... and the likes -
Talk about western influence. :-s

amudhan.com said...

I am relatively new to blog and got to know see your blogs... They are very funny and thought provoking.

I really enjoyed this particular blog, as I too hate to read and type short forms... u plz blive me... just for fun I typed like that :)

"when it comes to sms [or I can say like Short Message Service] this is done to save the number of letters." - is a comment my friend told me when I discussed about your blog...

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