Indians are the most racist

Just when I felt these morons should stop doing such programs, especially with "polling the public", they surprise you - quite unintentionally. The question is framed as if they measure racism every year and "this year's studies indicate" that "racism is on the high." But thankfully the 'panel guests' were exceptionally rational; something the guys at IBN aren't quite used to. It was so refreshing to hear someone get on TV and say "Indians are the most racist". hahaha

Update: The story is getting really weird. I turn to BBC for some good old '78 are feared dead in a landslide in Philippines' kind of news. What do I see? Tony Blair talking about 'Big Brother' in the British parliament. Gordon voicing his opinion in Delhi. BBC's own 'panelists' expressing their opinions. Each and every news report on it makes you go 'WTF?'

People have already started burning effigies. Their 'self righteous' opinions are reflected by Anand Sharma. The irony is overwhelming. Let me quote a line from this page, a line that is quite funny and just as irritating.
"India has throughout firmly rejected all forms of discrimination and racism'' says Sharma - Which part of India is he from? Listen to his brief radio interview. This man hasn't seen many clips himself, just the ones shown in "Indian television". But he's confident enough to get into the "dai enakku ellam theriyum, engappa padhinettu'pattikku padi alandhavar" tone with the interviewer. What an ass?

And what's with Shilpa and her mother talking about "Indian culture"? The former touting that she's going to "display Indian culture" on the show and the latter declaring "she was brought up according to Indian values" - seriously, which part of India are you all from?

* - I tried to embed the video, but looks like it doesn't load on anything. Idiots.


The Individualist said...

Me is not able to see the video. Are you sure its posted fine?
And yeah, as for the poll, lol. Forgetting the stupid method, did they at least give enough time for the sms'es to get in (it's another issue altogether that it doesn't change anything)?
And yeah, the question is thrown to people as if they knew the level of racism in all parts of the world and if someone were to say that everyone need only talk about their neighbourhood, does everyone in the world send sms'es, to ensure that there is a fair consensus taken?

Gasquet Fan said...

I love 'Big Brother'. I want to see a sex video of Shilpa shetty inside big brother.

Suresh said...

@ sudhir - yeah the video was messed, removed it altogehter.
I know, as if the Indians have travelled extensively, all over the world, to express their views on "global racism". I hate the way they try to elevate the "public opinion"s credibility. vetti naainga

@ GF - Shilpa is my favourite actress too. ivalo vayasayum she's got such a great figure. Aishwarya'lam Shilpa kaala nakkanum. saniyan!

Suresh said...

here's one:

and there's a funny line: "the first night was...rough" hahaha

Anonymous said...

The IBN correspondent guy was doing a darn good spoof -- you can see that evidently in his response to Anil Dharker and when he finds it "interesting that the panelists don't seem to be agreeing with the viewers" -- I tell you.

Suresh said...

@ Zero

haha, I know. As if that's a surprise. Maybe it was for him. He might have gone "hmm, who chose these people?"

Gasquet Fan said...

I just discovered a good case for a sexist comment. Just look at women's tennis. They can't play for bananas. Except a few ofcourse. I wish they all drown in the pacific ocean.

Hey, I am sexist. And it feels good.

Suresh said...

Nah, I always reserve the liberty to hate people. Large sections of them. I hope a lot of the women tennis players drowned too, along with the partcipants of 'America's next top model' show.
This is not sexism, we are just being 'haters'. And yeah, it does feel good.

Gasquet Fan said...

Do you remember after australian open 1998 a guy called karsten braasch ranked around 100 smoked out the william sisters 6-1 and 6-2 separately. This, after the william sisters were complaining of the lack of competition in women's tennis.

And they fight for equal prize money. We should have a law that gives equal prize money for sharapova for looking good and justine henin for being possibly one of the greatest players in women's tennis. Others can take a dive in the pacific ocean.

Gasquet Fan said...

you know what, djokovic has a realistic chance of smoking out federer in the fourth round. I hope he finds motivation in federer's unkind comments on him during last year's davis cup match. And Djokovic is now in prime form.

If not Djokovic, then Gasquet is doing it in QF.

Suresh said...

I vaguely remember the incident. I just tried brush up. He was ranked 203 then and check this,,543962,00.html
"Apparently, after the game, Serena and Venus immediately told the press they wanted to challenge a male player again. This time they revised the ranking of the man they wanted to face, to 350 in the world. I informed the journalist who told me this that in the next week I was set to lose a lot of ATP points and drop down to 350 in the rankings. I told him that if Venus and Serena waited just one week they could challenge me all over again!".


I totally "fell in love" with Henin the first time I saw her. I just bow down for such scaled classic backhands.
I always sided with Graff whenever she'd play Seles mainly because of the latter's twisted double handed backhand - I hate it (one of the reasons why I couldn't completely like Agassi's game).

I think Federer is the epitome of true honest confidence. It shows both on and off court. When he's on, he doesn't go jumping and screaming for his winners. His celebrations are mostly moderate. When he's off, especially in press conferences, he expresses his honest assesment of his game and his opponent's. He never tries to be this modest guy who is not sure about what's coming.
But you're right, his opponents don't have to be all that rational about this comments. They have right to get pissed :)). But I don't seem lose before the semis.

Anonymous said...

Seles, Nadal, and to an extent agassi are all safe players. Seles is more of a counter puncher than a natural stroke maker. And she will not measure up to Graf's game, but she will be able to beat her with the intensity of her game.

Actually the comment he made of Djokovic was that "he was a joke with his injuries". because djokovic has a history of faking injuries on the court and blatantly announcing it after the game. That's something that irked federer who beat djokovic 6-3 6-2 6-3 in that match. But djokovic has improved by leaps since then. The match must be good. Actually Djokovic took the comments in his stride. He said that federer was still an unbelievable player and somebody he looks upto.

Durga said...

Honestly didn't Shipa watch any previous season's episodes of BB? She signed up for abuse!
I loved that interview where the guy talked about Indians being racists...gooshhh it's so true! LikeCurryz are so pure and perfect...I mean we hate each State and then by caste....not more than others but equally so.
Calling Shilpa "The Indian" is found racist? Commonnnnnn...I've never really heard "auntys & uncles" here in Aus ever refer to a white man by name... it's always "you know that gora/vellakaaran this...”etc. I must say they do this to my husband too. The first Tamil word he learned was Vellakaaran. LOL and he doesn't mind...when he should...but anyway.
He can;t cry about it...coz he signed up for it when he married me...knowing fully how my people are. This doesn't excuse their behaviour of course.
I don't think Shipa really gives too much crap about what's going on in the house....and trust our people to make a mountain out of a molehill....I'm surprised no one has dowsed themselves in petrol and set themselves alight in protest. We as a race of Currys I'm sorry to say are the biggest drama queens!(generalisation...but yeh...whatever). Too much patriotism and too little acceptance of reality...much like the Americans.

P.s Suresh, u do hate a lot! But funnily enough, that seems to make you somewhat more interesting. It's spice to life.

Suresh said...

@ Durga

Shilpa's awareness or willingness to be abused does not warrant racial abuse. A victim's willingness to be victimized does not justify victimization.

I think the western media reacted quite appropriately. They did the right thing by making it an issue worth discussing. They moved away from the program and started discussing it in the context of post 9/11 and 7/7 (in UK) xenophobia. They use this incident to be self-critical and reflect deeply on what's happening there.

My irritation is with the way Indian media and 'those in the streets' reacted to it. It was completely disingenuous and hypocritical. Some of the 'panelists' in BBC even called it out and embarrassed those who were making statements like "India is country full of courteous people." We are not only deluding ourself, we are also continuing to keep the actual debate away. By doing that we lower our opinions worthy of any respect.

You point to a glaring practice that a lot of Indians have grown comfortable with (about "goras" or "vella kaaran"). As much as I condemn this practice let's not even try to equate that with the reverse.

Calling "dei paraya" and "dei iyeru" are not the same even though they seem like the same.

But I'm some what amazed by what's happening in your life. Well, actually I'm not. It's not that hard to imagine. I've come across this duality so very often. A 'soft,' tolerant, understanding and matured person on one hand and relatively opposite person/people on the other. I think it only makes things harder for those caught in between - like yourself.

I don't know if my “hatred” is just hatred. Indignation? Yeah, I think that's a better word. I believe most of my "hatred" is somewhat rationally grounded, elaborately deconstructed and openly argued out. I try to justify it or 'situate' my bias – either way I don't try it hide it. Hope it doesn't become ulcerous.:p

Durga said...

What do u mean by

"A 'soft,' tolerant, understanding and matured person on one hand and relatively opposite person/people on the other. I think it only makes things harder for those caught in between - like yourself." ???

I'm curious.

Suresh said...

I wasn't trying to characterize your husband or your family in any particular way (because I don't know much about either) but to present the general scenario that I have witnessed. For example the relationship between myself and my friends' misogynistic/racist friends (though we meet rarely it always pops out). Whenever there's an argument my other friends (their opinions regardless) are caught in between - not being sure whose side to take because of the emotional involvement.

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