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When this guy says something like this, the comment below is what serves him right.

Wow Deepak! I was seduced into reading your blog by the title. I happen to be working on an evolutionary theory of wisdom (sapience), which is largely based on neuroscience and evolutionary psychology. So naturally I was intrigued by the title - survival of the wisest. Sorry I didn't see parts I or II, but seeing part III makes me realize why so many people hold you in disdain. My friend you should stick to feel-good topics. Your ignorance of biology and evolution are stunning.

"Darwinians bluster that the answers to these mysteries already exist. This is far from true. I have debated Nobel laureates and other scientific notables on these issues."

I heard about such a debate. Now I know why you lost so horendously. Don't quit your day job my friend. You have no future in the sciences.

I'm not prone to mere ad hominem attacks as a rule. But occassionally I see some statement to which there can be no reasonable retort simply because the whole premise is unreasonable. The fact that someone like you, who distort reality or plain doesn't understand it can have such a following is a sad comment on the state of our society.


The Individualist said...

Well.. from his arguments on topics such as ESP and after life, I have this funny feeling that we have yet another 'faith' dogmatist who carefully wriggles out of being labelled just that, by managing to sling the skeptic with such terms.

Priya said...

Deepak's blog posts in this site are weak. I added him into my blog without realising how bad his posts are. Almost every comments to his post are killer ones.

The Individualist said...

But yes, what he says, he definitely says it with convinction and more importantly, most times even convincingly so.
It's easy to understand why he has such a huge following then, isn't it?

Suresh said...

Yeah, I have nothing but contempt for him. There's also another comment that is just as funny,
"You're be a perfect case study for Shermer's "Why Smart People Believe Weird Things" hypothesis."

I despise all these "raise your spirits" BS writers - how they box human lives with a deterministic tautological "guidance".

Oh sure, he say what says with "conviction". Just like the evangelists "may the lord smite..."

@ Priya

I know, you read a few posts they are somewhat ok, you add him. Then you read more and you know where this person comes from.

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