I'm walking away

That's what I wish to say to last year

Yes, I put the video together.
Song: Craid David - Walking away
Stills: several flickr users
s/w used: Sony Vegas


Anonymous said...

Wish you a Great Year ahead bro! - M

The Individualist said...

That video just made mull over the efficiency of a three minute jpg slideshow, especially when many music videos fail to evoke any emotion at all.
I think it is to the slideshow's advantage that it allows a person greater scope to exercise his/her imagination, when compared with other motion videos.
But yeah, very simple and yet extremely effective.

The Individualist said...

*made me
Am a stickler (at least, try to be) when it comes to typos. Don't mind me.

murthy said...

not bad suresh, not bad at all. i know you have some skills with video editing and all that but this one is touching. it shows you are not artistically challenged, after all.

the way the days start, with the shower and coffee, it was well thought out. i liked the cross fades matching the voice's tone. good one. you keep surprising me.

Suresh said...

@ M - Thanks anna

@ Sudhir - I know (especially when you spend hours to choose the images :p)

@ Murhty - Thanks. I don't know if this video says anything about my artistic abilities, but I have always thought that artistic expression, in general, isn't all that challenging (just like maths, physics, chemistry or biology :p).

trameshkumar said...

Anna vanakkamungo .Adhu epdiba un podcastla ellam nee entha oornu kandu pudikka mudiyatha alavukku thamizh pesara.nee somewhere in the middle of tamilnaduva irukkanum if my guess is right.epdiyo aana un podcast ellam enakku romba pudichirunthuthu .innum neraya pannu okva

Suresh said...

ungalukkum vanakkamunga.

aamanga ennoda Tamil'la pala vakayana influence irukku. keta odane tak'nu sollira mudiyadhu. 50% Dindigul + 25% Kongu + 25% general mix ups from Madras, Tanjore etc.
I'm glad you liked my podcasts, kandippa neraya panren ;). nandri.

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