Veyil - Vaandhi Mayakkam

I saw this movie over a week ago. I didn't want to say anything about it then. It was as if I did something extremely embarrassing and didn't want to reveal it to others. But after realizing (from a few blogs) that many have come out of the closet, I got it out of system as well. Here it goes - brrr uvaaaak.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this piece. But please, has zero content, only your trademark style. Konjam talk about WHAT DID YOU SEE in Veyil. Yenna padam ? What story, who actors, songs etc. I haven't seen Veyil, looking forward very much to seeing it. But after hearing your podcast, still undecided. Unakku pidikala, seri. But WHY ? Yenna story ? Did you even listen to the songs, they're pretty fabulous, illaya ? Be honest dude. I mean, unnoda podcast style-kaga don't trash something that you haven't even looked closely at.

Btw, this arbit criterion ie. Sureshukku pidikala, therefore Suresh must do podcast - is pretty foolish. I mean, nee periya petai pishta jilla kedi nenapu - take a walk outside & get hit by truck, less than 4 people will mourn your demise. Naan yenna solla varen na - you haven't made Veyil. Somebody has. Other bodies are watching Veyil. Somebody enjoying others not. Fine yella ok. But, why drag your personal biases into every trashcast ? Unnoda podcastku idhu daan seriyana pair - trashcast. Have atleast 1% content maams. Yenna padam, yenna story, konjam shot list, scene description, cut sequence, onnum kidayadhu. Yeho boondhi bajji nu nee yain alatikarai ?
Please oru followup podcast panninenga na I will much appreciate. Thanks machi bye.

Suresh said...


I know, a lot of others are irritated by this, as you call it rightly, trash-cast too. aana enna panradhu, I don't have the patience to talk in length about this movie adhukkaga pesamayum irukka mudeela.
I'll quote what I had said to a listener in Podbazaar,
Yeah, I guess I need to try the songs sometime (just the songs). Because I have no mental strength to watch it with the video.
I saw the full movie, in about 40 minutes. I just ff'd the movie. So you could see what's happening, just double the speed. You can easily skip several useless scenes - fights, "romance" and a whole bunch of cliched nonsense (including the scene in which Pasupathi is accused of stealing the jewels). A lot of them are so contrived that you could see what's coming for the next 15 minutes.

Idhennanga 5 minutes podcast. naan enna 45 mins podcast'a panniten - based on the arbitrary criterion you're talking about?

Babu, idhu "namakku pudikkadha vaathiyar mela evano oruthan saani adikka poraan, va poi paakalam" appudinu school pasanga panra maari. vaathiyar nallavana kettavana, avan mela saani adikradhu thappa right'a idhellam avangalukku thevai illa.:p
adhe mari dhan idhuvum, "padam enakku pudikkala naan saani adikkren, adha yarukkellam kekanumnu ishtam irukko kelunga"

enakku ennanga personal bias against the movie? Director yarunne theriyadhu, I have like Pasupathi in Virumandi etc, Bharath'um adhe mari dhan, I think he is one of the decent actors of this generation, music director'um yarunne theriyadhu. appudi irukkum bodhu indha padathu enakku ennanga kaalpunarchi (bias)?

If you say I was biased against VV, I'll agree with you. Padam arambikra munnadiye I formed an opinion. But this one, I honestly hoped that it will be a good one. Seri, ungalukkaga indha vaaram time kedacha I'll try to do a detailed one.

Subhash said...

I second you on this one, Suresh. I saw some parts of the movie and was pssed off with it. And I hated VV even before its release. I hated Gautam ever since I saw kaakka kaakka and my friends went gaga over the movie. So much hate to go around. Makes my life happier. Frankly veyil is just a manipulative movie, with pretensions of a classic. Oh such a bore.

Suresh said...

@ Subash - haha I know. It's always good to know there are more people who hate the same things you do. That's why I didn't mind the extremely shoddy nature of the podcast (as rightly pointed about Babu).

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Do you really think each movie could be completely original? I actually enjoyed the movie for some of the same reasons that you did not (atleast some of the reasons...)

Pasupathy was pretty close to reality... so I would not term it over-action.. and about the message... why cannot it be as simple as just the story of one person who does not seem to have too much of a future.. trying to make amends to a mistake he had made as a child ?

Suresh said...

No, but at least they should try to. You may ask how would you know? Well, it's a strong hunch – yes this movie has deliberately patched sequences from the so called critically acclaimed flicks of the last decade.

I'll quote a comment that I had left in the podcast's page
othukarenga Joshua, I didn't like the movie mostly because of my personal taste. ennakku edho gnana dhristy irukka maari pesren'nu nenaikka vendam but you can clearly see that this guy has lifted sequences from some of the "critically acclaimed" movies in the last 5,10 years and put them together. idhu award vaangradhukkagave edutha padam. idhu naan mattum illeenga neriya per solradhu dhan. sathiayama enakku thala suthirichu. adhan konjama kotti theethutten.

Part of vikatan review

சொல்ல வந்த உணர்வை நெஞ்சில் அறைகிற மாதிரி சொல்லாமல் போனது திரைக்கதையின் பலவீனம். பசுபதியின் பார்வையில் விரியும் படத்தில், பரத்தின் காதல் வந்து போவது எப்படி? சொந்த ஊருக்குத் திரும்பி வருகிற பசுபதிக்கு திடுதிப்பென்று இரண்டு தங்கச்சிகள் இருப்பதாகக் காட்டுவதும், அவர்கள் அவரை காரண காரியம் இல்லாமல் வெறுப்பதும் அவலச் சுவைக்காகவே சேர்க்கப்பட்ட ஃபீலிங் பில்டப்! படத்தின் பல உப கதாபாத்திரங்கள், பேச்சிலும் உடலசைவிலும் நாடக பாணியான ஒரு மிகைத்தனத்தைத் தவிர்த்திருக்கலாம்!

சர்டிபிகேட்தான் ‘யு’வே தவிர, வன்முறை சரேலென கண்ணில் அறைகிறது! வெயிலில் சிறுவன் வதங்கிக் கதறுகிற காட்சிதான் கதைக்கே அடித்தளம் என்றாலும், அதை அத்தனை நீளமாகக் காட்டியிருக்க வேண்டுமா?

So it's not only the disconnect flow of things. It's the lack of logic. This guy narrates his brother's love story and what not.

When I said "ennada solla varreenga?" I didn't necessarily mean a "message". But a general emptiness in Pasupathi's actions. Fine he becomes a loser, what does he do after that? (other than getting into 'mega serial like' seqeuences like wrongful accusation etc?)
I mean, where does he fit in his brother's life? Is he a business partner, bodyguard, what is he?

The movie is full of contrivances. Scene after scene a deliberate attempt to "capture" the "original" emotions of "small town" life. But sadly there's nothing original about what they capture.

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